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For A Smart Economy In Harmony With The Environment.

Hi I’m Rex Graham. Current Chair of the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council. I am also Chairperson of the Regional Sports Park, trustee of Te Aranga Marae and have been involved in the horticultural sector, for over 35 years.

Over my entire career in Governance and Business, I have strived to create and foster smart and sustainable business practice.

It’s so clear for everyone to see - we need to get smarter. We’ve had such a devastating effect on our environment, and we’ve got ourselves into some serious trouble. We need smart solutions to these problems, and we need them now.

My career and my achievements in the Regional Council are proof that we can protect our environment, while still building wealth for ourselves and future generations.

My Council’s achievements and future ambitions on this front are listed below.

For now, I ask that you support me once again in my bid for Regional Council. Not only that, I need you to support my team.

Rick Barker and Tom Belford are both mission critical to the Regional Council’s ability to solve these difficult problems. I ask you to support all three of us in this Regional Council election.

Putting The Environment First

While enabling sustainable economic opportunities for the future

And with your help and support, we hope to achieve much more on behalf of our region. Most notably…

The Opposition Wants The Status Quo. Where Has That Got Us?

You have a clear choice in this election, in Hastings, Havelock North & Flaxmere ward.

We - Rex Graham, Rick Barker & Tom Belford - stand for everything we have listed above.

The opposition stands for the status quo, business as usual.

The opposition would allow oil drilling in our region.

The opposition would allow fracking in our region.

The opposition don’t even believe that our rivers are polluted.

The opposition want to keep their heads in the sand, and carry on.

Friends, this year we’ve all been reading the huge number of articles about the huge environmental problems facing the globe. And the sad truth is that many of these demons are already at our doorstep, and many more are on their way.

I believe the time to tackle these complex problems is now. If you agree with me, I ask that you vote for me and my team of Rick Barker & Tom Belford.

Rex Graham
Hawke’s Bay Regional Council


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